We were founded in 2013 as plastics trading company, and we are an independent member of an international group, which is active in the field of waste recycling, mainly non-ferrous metals.

Our goal is to become a reliable partner for companies and organisations who are active in the collecting, sorting and processing of plastic waste.

We have strong positions in PE, PP and PET, both post consumer and post industrial, and we are able to serve you with a wide variety of other plastics, and services too.

Our staff has long experience in the field of collection and export of recycling products.
100% safe and according to (international) standards.....that’s how we work!

Since we have been following the developments of global pollution over the last decades, we also feel that we have an obligation towards the future generations to help to establish a better world, call us idealists if you like, but that is truly how we feel!
And by participating as much as we can in reducing the deployment of fossil raw materials, we hope to contribute to this objective.

That is why our slogan is: REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or offers on:

T +31 492 31 48 36
F +31 492 31 51 59